1.Accounts Management

     It can manage multiple accounts at the same time,you can preview with a built-in browser and no entry.Accounts in grid format or json format are supported to import.

     You can post text,picture,links on timelines of these accounts.

2.Friends Management

     You can sync friends from facebook.Even you can get every friend's gender, age, email, mobile and place of residence.

     You can only click one button to add a large number friends with every accounts.And it is easy to cancel requests to friends or confirm,reject requests from people.

     You can invite your friends of every accounts to join in the group or like a page.

3. Groups Management

      You can sync groups from facebook,and post on grops.

4. Pages Management

      You can sync pages that you liked or own, and post on these.

5. Likes Management

      You can use these facebook accounts to like story by one click to button.


     You can send message to everyone.This is a batch process.

7.Graph Search

     Graph search is an exact conditional search function of Facebook.We integrate it into the software.You can use it to search people,groups,pages or stories that you want.Then you can scrape them into a txt file.

2018-01-17 07:40:02