New accounts are likely to be locked when they add friends, post or upload photos.Don't worry,you should prepare a face photo for every account.When this situation is encountered, the corresponding photo can be uploaded according to the hint, and the account can be restored to normal for about 2 days.Of course, unfortunately, not 100 percent it can be restored to normal.

        In order to prevent 'checkpoint'. We don't use new accounts to add friends,post crazy.We need to culture our account for a period of time.Fill in some information.Make it like a real account as much as possible.

              Generally speaking, each account will meet 3 'checkpoints'. Once after landing, once after posting, and once again after adding a strange friend. After 3 'checkpoints', it rarely appears again. You can be relieved to operate the account.

              For Your Attention,Don't use new fb accounts to add strange friends at first.But use your older fb accounts to add your new fb accounts as friends.And you should add some suggested friends.So that facebook think you are a real one.Otherwise you will be disabled at once.

        As shown in the picture, the author's 9 accounts, after uploading the head image, unfortunately, one of the accounts is banned.

2018-01-17 14:23:22